Tell Stories

Like Never


Become a part of your stories instead of just telling them. With The Epic Space, your events can take place wherever you want. In real time. Even smallest product details can be illustrated impressively, e. g. with a virtual journey through your product. The Epic Space makes complex topics not just comprehensive but fascinating.




Benefit from our scalable solutions, perfectly tailored to your needs: from a simple green screen for smaller budgets or locations to a high-end LED-studio for events and productions in Hollywood quality. The Epic Space allows you to adapt light, color and objects in real time for production possibilities like never before.




Impress your clients by demonstrating product features with extended reality. The combination of using real and virtual elements gives you almost endless possibilities.

Or invite selected VIP clients to an exclusive VR presentation and create a unique interactive experience.




Together with you, our expert team of conceptioners, designers, technicians and live experience experts develop the perfect brand experience.

Enhance your product presentation with the almost limitless possibilities of augmented and virtual reality: The Epic Space allows the simulation of all kinds of spaces, no matter if they are of virtual or realistic kind. We can even reproduce weather- and light conditions in a perfectly authentic way.

Host virtual press conferences and expert roundtables, no matter where the participants are located. The Epic Space allows you to bring presenters, bloggers and media representatives from all over the world together in real time and impressively introduce your products.

Inspire your clients by hosting impressive shows. With The Epic Space, we can embed your product in all kinds of surroundings. You as a host can interact with your product as well as with your audience. You together become a part of an unforgettable brand experience.

The times you needed to travel to the other side of the world to produce a TV spot are gone. With The Epic Space post-production becomes pre-production. Thereby, virtual places, light and environmental conditions are made visible on-set in realtime, enabling time- and cost-efficient productions with outstanding results.

Get inspired by the broad technological services and discover what fits best to you and your products. Discover an overview of green screen, LED-cave, motion capturing and co.


Lift your business to the next level with The Epic Space.

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